Hi ladies and gents

I hope everyone is doing well. As for me,  I’m doing great😊 just living my life and working towards my long-term goals.

I know I’ve been MIA but I’m back and today’s post is all about GIRL CODE. I know some of you might be like, whattt is that? And if that’s even a thing🤔 … well yeah of course it is.

what is a girl code?

Maintaining friendship requires rules and boundaries, and the only way to have a healthy and happy friendship is knowing what is acceptable or unacceptable in a friendship . Girl code is a set of rules or ethics that exist between a girl and her friend /bff . These codes sometimes can either make or break a friendship.

Here are the 10 most important ones:

1. Do supports your friend’s passions or careers

– supporting your friend is very important, after all that is one of the major reason why we have friends. Friends are supposed to keep each other strong and help each other grow.

2. Do let your friend know when you have a problem with her.

–  no matter how difficult it might seem to confront the person, it’s better to deal with the problem right away before it gets out of hand or for you to pretend like everything is fine when it’s not.

3. Be honest when your friend ask for your opinion about makeup and outfits

– Don’t lie and say they look good when you know darn right they look a hot mess.

4. Let your friend vent when she needs to

– we all go through hard times and sometimes all we need is a friend to comfort us, and to remind us that everything is going to be all right. Don’t try to change the subject, let her finish before commenting.

5. Never go after your friend crush or any of her ex

– if your friend tells you about her crush then automatically he is off-limits, and please please stay away from your friend’s exes. Find someone else to hit on.

6. Boost each orher’s confidence

7. Be there for your friend after a bad breakup – keep the “I told you so” to yourself until she’s back on her feet. Don’t rub it in her face even when you knew he was no good for her.

8. Be nice to other girls

– Don’t put others down just to feel good about yourself instead encourage them, be respectful, and build each other up.

9. Don’t ditch your friend just because you have a new boyfriend

– Make a schedule if you have to.

10. Last but not least, be the low-key savior for her first date😂😂😂

– make sure you know every details about your friend’s date ( location, the guy full name and phone number, the time she is supposed to go back home) check in on her.


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