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Happy Wednesday / Hump Day! Let us all start this day with a positive mind and a grateful heart.

Today we gonna talk BRAIDS,  as a protective style for hair growth. Before you ask, Yes braids do help with hair growth but only when it is done right and taking down the right way. In this post, I will show you different braiding styles and how it can help your hair grow. I do not hold a license to do hair, but I’ve been braiding hair for years. It is something I do on the side and I’m very passionate about it.

Braid (also referred to as a plait) is a complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands of flexible material such as textile yarns, wire or hair. Braids have been made for thousands of years, as time goes by different techniques and styles have emerged.

The Benefits of wearing Braids:

  • it is a protective style so you won’t have to do it every day
  • Very low maintenance which will help the hair to grow
  • Versatile, you can create different styles from one hairdo
  • Last a long time, Typically up to 2 months or 3
  •  There are endless braid styles such as box braids, Ghana braids, jumbo braids, Senegalese twist and the list goes on and on. This gives you the freedom of being as creative as you like!

Steps to ensure you are not damaging your hair:

  • Before you start your braids, please make sure that your hair is clean, well moisturize and detangle
  • To make it last, it needs to be tight but not tight enough to rip out your edges. You don’t want to walk around with no edges sis.
  • If someone else is doing it for you, don’t hesitate to let them know to relax their grips if it’s too tight or you will be the one suffering from a serious headache afterward
  • Wear a bonnet at night or use a silk pillowcase to keep the hair from frizzing or falling out
  • Moisturize your scalp here and there with your favorite hair oil
  • When taking it down, be gentle with your hair


The first one is the triangle braids and the second is just regular plaits done by me


This Style was done by another hair braider. It lasted me 2 months.



medium to large braids (1st pic)                         I had to try the grey for once

Other styles you can try ( I do not own the right to these images below) From Google.


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