Hi Darlings! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Mine wasn’t too bad.

lets talk PET PEEVES

Pet peeves – are those little annoyances that get under our skin and we just can’t ignore, no matter how hard we try. We’re all have them, and here are my top 10.

1. Loud cellphone conversations in PUBLIC

– I honestly don’t understand how anyone can do that. The most annoying ones are the one who like to put their phone on speaker when they can obviously hear the person.

2. Slow talkers

– This does not pertain to anyone with a disability or speech problem. I’m talking about people who just can’t get to the point. I can’t stand the suspense and I hate having to finish other people’s sentences.

3. Not covering mouths when someone sneeze, cough, or yawn.

– I think it’s just rude

4. Chewing with mouth open

– like seriously no one wants to see that

5. Not flushing and washing hands in restroom 

6. People who drag their feet

7. Saggy pants

8. A know-it-all

9. Gum smacking

10. Careless drivers 

thanks for reading😘

let me know in the comment box below if any of these matches yours. I’d love to read yours.

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