Hello everyone👋 Happy hump day. I hope you’re all having a great start up week. Keep on being positive and living your best life.

I think today’s post is pretty obvious based on the title. I decided to do this post because I’ve seen it appeared on my IG and Facebook feed a lot lately , and i find it quite interesting so here’s what I normally carry in my bag.

Bag: Michael Kors ( gift from the boo)

wallet: I like small wallets, the only downside to it, is not having enough room for my check book. I got this super cute wallet from DD’s, for those who doesn’t know, it’s a retail chain stocking discounted clothing, shoes, home decor, DIY products store here in Florida.

Lotion/hand lotion: currently using “Love Spell” from Victoria’s Secret. It smells so yummy and very moisturize.

Eye Drop: Preferably clear eyes

Fragrance Mist: Mineral Co ( Rose Quartz) from Bath & Body Works. It is composed of Rose water, lily petals, and fresh patchouli. I just love the smell.

pain medication: for emergency purposes, funny thing is others use it more than I do.

Sunglasses: it’s not brand name or anything but it gets the job done


Gum/ Mint

pads/ Tampons


Now I challenge you, to tell us what’s in your bag😊

thanks for reading guys, until next time.

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