Hi, lovelies … welcome back to my site. Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend 😀 I created this super easy cute bun on my hair yesterday and wanted to share it with you. First,  I want to add that my hair is in its natural state so the products that I’ve used to create this style might be different than what you would use. For my natural sisters, you all know how it can be sometimes. when all fails we always pull out the hair scarfs or a hat.

These are the items I used: water, leave in conditioner, hairbrush, Gel, hair accessory (gold string), ponytail holder, and hair extension ( crochet locks).



-depends on your hair length using extensions may not be needed, I only used it because my hair is short.

-make sure your hair is moisturized and detangle

– part it right down in the middle

– grab your favorite hair gel or other hair products you like to use to put your hair in two ponytails.

– then grab your hair extensions or your own hair and wrap it around the ponytail, then secure it with bobby pins if needed


Thank you all sooo very much for reading, and don’t forget to like and follow for more posts. Also, if you do try the hairstyle please share it with me in the comment box below, thanks.


the before👇🏽🙀🤭🤨





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