D3q6869AWhat is communication? how to communicate effectively, especially when in a long distance relationship?

Communication is basically the process of sending and receiving messages through verbal or nonverbal means; including speech, writing, and signal. In any communication, there is a sender and a receiver, a message, and interpretations on both ends. well unless you are me, I can have an entire conversation with myself, which by the way does not qualify me as an insane person. Our abilities to communicate with one another using words and language than merely sounds is what sets us apart from lower species.

communication plays such an important role in any type of relationship and is an essential part of any partnership. In relationships, communication allows us to explain to someone else what you are experiencing and what your needs are. The act of communicating not only helps to meet your needs, but it also helps you to be connected in your relationship. Keep in mind that your partner is not a mind reader, therefore, you have to be clear when communicating with your partner so that your message can be received and understood. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I fail at communicating my feelings and thoughts with my partner, so it definitely has been a learning process for me.

When in a long distance relationship, it is a lot harder to communicate especially if there is a time difference. No matter what, you have to talk to each other. It takes two people to have a relationship and each person has different communication needs and styles, so find a way that better suits the both of you. Thank goodness for technology, there are tons of different apps (be it on Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp) the whole purpose of it is to feel connected to the person when they are not around. Below are my top 5 tips to make your relationship/long distance relationship work.

5 Tips on how to communicate effectively in a LDR:

  1. Talk about your needs and desires, don’t assume anything
  2. Listening to each other, and understanding each other’s view on different issues
  3. Be open and sincere with each other, don’t hold it all inside
  4. Build trust and respect each other by getting to know each other’s boundaries, likes, and dislikes.
  5. Make each other laugh, compliment each other, and just love each other.


Thanks for reading.


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