As I mentioned in my previous blog, I met my boyfriend online. I never thought in a million years that I would actually sign up for online dating because most of the stories I’ve heard are horrify and scary. I did it without telling any of my friends mostly because I knew they would’ve made fun of me. So I was secretly swiping and messaging other members. After a couple of days, I received a message saying that I was matched with this guy, and I guess he must’ve received the same message because shortly after that he sent me a message. So we were talking for at least two weeks before I agree to meet up. I did not have any expectations whatsoever, but I knew we had some type of connection.

So for our first date, we went to a bowling alley. I chose bowling because I don’t exactly like first dates very much. If I could I would rather skip the first date altogether but unfortunately, it’s inevitable. I’m the type of person who gets really quiet until I’m comfortable, so I didn’t want any awkwardness. Another reason why I think bowling is such a great first date idea is that you get to touch the person without being creepy. a simple “high five” or a “hug” after throwing a strike or a spare will make you feel relaxed and more comfortable. We played two rounds, and I won them both ( and no he did not let me win). We talked then he walked me to my car and we had our first kiss there….in case you were wondering … yes, it was magical lol.

In the comment box below, tell me about your favorite first date.


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